Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Reverse Garbage

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Day 10

A while back Ngaire mention on her blog how she had been to Reverse Garbage. I love that place, its so full of inspiration. Well I have been thinking about going up there everysince and today when John said he needed some leather ofcuts...
We went and much to the boys disgust spent ages checking everything out..

Aren't these just so pretty, will have to do something with them for my nieces!

This is one lot of material i got, was in mystery bags for $2!!

A close up of the faces printed on the material, how awesome is this!! there were 3 lots of them.

Another lot of material i picked out of a huge bin.

Close up detail

Finally some fob tags and a little album, they had material of cuts on them. As soon as I saw the fob tag thingys, I thought mini tag albums half the work is done for me! The larger one will make a great mini album as well.

I could of spent alot longer there than we did, but am so happy with my little stash of goodies and so is my purse :)
Thanks Ngaire for putting this place in my thoughts :)



  1. Oh how cool is that?!? Love that face one! Should be a lot of fun! Can't wait to see what you do with it all. Love ya babe!

  2. WOW Lis!!! What fantastic finds! I wonde if we have anything like that near us?
    Cant wait to see what you do with the material and the albums. Did dh get his leather off cuts?

  3. You certainly picked up some bargains there Lis! I love the fabric, so yum.

  4. ~Kathryn~11:08 am

    Hey Lis
    just checking in on my daily bloggers !!!
    love all the pages you've done - and what a fabulous stash of stuff .. i might have to go visit my reverse garbage place here ... it is just a pain in the butt to get to from wher ei live

  5. I am SO glad that shop is not near me LOL

  6. you got some COOOOOL stuff.
    YAY!! Ngai

  7. OMGoodness how fabulous - You lucky thing!! :)x