Friday, April 06, 2007

Picture overload

WOW what a night!
After gettin almost half way to Jim's and having to turn back to get Jays football boots and head gear, we made it to Jim's place. Have to thank him heaps for not only looking after Jayden but taking both John and me and the boys to the ground. Thanks heaps bro!

We arrived at the ground and had to assemble with all the other Auskick kids before being given tickets and going into find out seats. How lucky were we to be right behind the goals and just beside the Brisbane Lions tunnel (for those Lions supporters in our group)
The kids all thought these 2 characters were fantastic. The team mascots really did put on a show.

The banners and players going through them.

My man!
Seen in the first pic face on behind the st kilda player. Beside the policeman in the 2nd pic.

Assembling with the other trainers, he is the one carrying 2 bags.

He really did feel honoured to be out there last night, as well as in the rooms with the players. For all you St Kilda fans he said to say he got to rub down Fraser Gerigh and a few others and they are all Huge and muscly lol
He got to keep the shirt and cap (club only apparel cant be brought retail) he put them on Jayden as we were leaving the ground, the boy was just gobsmacked!

My Afl star!!
Jay is the one in black wearing the protective head gear.
He scored 2 goals and 3 points and had the best time!
Came back to his seat exhausted and so happy!

I felt like a little kid last night it was so exciting, the atmosphere at the ground was unbelievable, so much better than watching it at home.

It was after midnight before we all got home, then dh and I had to wrap birthday gifts, so it ended up being a really long day.

Will be back later tonight with a bonus post..
Josh's birthday photos!!



  1. Hey cool photos...thanks for sharing them..and will surely be waiting for the birthday photos...and hey also drop by my blog on Birthday Greetings sometime and check out all the amazing stuff i've posted there...i'm sure you'll enjoy your visit!!!

  2. Lis the photos look fantastic! I did see you dh on tv even though I didnt know it was him!

  3. wow those photos look fantastic.
    wish i was there.
    so glad brisbane flogged the saints. lol!
    hugs kayla
    happy birthday to josh as well

  4. Oh LIS

    How coool and exciting for you and Jay!!!!
    And your young man is growing up, I hated it when my Godson was at the teenager stage, he was no longer my huggable Philip, [lol].

    Happy Happy Easter to you and yours, easy on the chocolate today,
    Cheers Louise :)