Sunday, April 08, 2007

Lazy Day

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Day 8

Had a really lazy day at home, Easter bunny came and the boys ended up with a good pile of eggs. They surprised me and didnt eat all that much of it today. Too much party food the last two days i think.

Got some scrapping done, this one for a challenge at Memories and more.

This one for the Flex your mind challenge. The promt was '4 truths and a lie'. We had to do a layout about ourselves that included 4 things that were true and one that wasnt. See if you can guess which one isnt. I will let you know the answer in tomorrows post.

Another painting, tried a landscape, it needs work but im happy with it. Really loving the freedom the painting gives me to just put something on paper and not worry if its perfect or not.

Got given a huge roll of material today. Thanks Kylie your a doll :)
Going to try and make curtains...
Wish me luck I will need it lol



  1. God, I totally suck babe! We are so busy. I have been reading just hadnt really had a chance to post. I miss you! Love you! Happy Easter!

  2. love the painting the freedom is fab

  3. Love the layout and paintings!

    I'm guessing that purple isn't your favourite colour and that is the lie!

  4. you have done a fantastic job of your work once again.

    My guess is that the lie is that you grew up in brisbane. :-)

  5. Hi Lis

    Well Im not going to guess [NFI-lol] but I do love your Memories and more LO, Coooool!!!

    Keep up with the painting, you have inspired me, Ive bought 4 little canvases, but Im afraid that is as far as Ive got [lol again].

    Cheers Louise :)

  6. love the layout! can't wait to find out what your 'lie' is! thanks for doing my challenge! :-)

  7. your l/o for the challenge is just AWESOME! i love your design..& the COLOR is so beautiful!!!