Sunday, March 25, 2007

Day of soccer

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Day 24

Today was the first round of soccer matches for the season. Dan played half a game as goalie and half as centre. Whilst they lost they all had a really good game. Dan scored the one and only goal for the team.
He then filled in for the under 13's as their goalie. Sweat pouring of him after the game I asked if he was buggered 'nope' he said...I would love his energy!

Page for my art journal at KSK about where I find inspiration from. Its everywhere, so many things give me ideas to create from.

Amazingly a picture of me I actually like! Layout done for a challenge at Memories and More to scrap a page using 3 traditional stationery items. This was fun.

Of now to prepare for another full on day of sport..this time aussie rules.



  1. I like what you did with the 'use three stationery items' LO... the journaling is cool and the paper with the hole punch is pretty! great job! :-)

  2. The pages look great!

  3. great job with the stationary it!

  4. Love your art journal page so colourful. Your 40 lo is awesome
    Ps when you comment on my blog I can't reply to your email addy - is it wrong?

  5. Fab art journal card and I love your LO too....great pic