Thursday, February 15, 2007

Attention to detail

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Day 15

So how many times a day/week do we tell our kids, read it properly, make sure you know what it says.....
This morning, I get all ready, housework done, pick Jay up from school, drive out to the hospital, find a park in the mud out whoop whoop then have to walk(run- in tiny little not made for hurrying shoes) in the pouring rain into the specialists clinic only to find out I didnt read the form properly and his appointment is for the 15th March...
Yup, mum should follow her own advise....

Taking on board my word for this year in the Ali challenge I have put my name down for the craft group at school. We will be making all the items for the mothers/fathers day and christmas stalls. I have also committed to doing the foyer displays in the office every fortnight.

I have spent the last 2 days making boxes for the craft group, am making hug boxes. Will take a photo and post once they are all done. Needless to say 100 boxes later my thumbs and fingers are red and sore from folding.

Thats it for today, off to organise dinner then go play futsal.


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