Friday, February 16, 2007


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Day 16

I was productive today, used my Time well.
I got these cards made for the Scrap the scraps challenge set by Liz this week. To make cards or ATC's with your scraps.
A couple of girly ones...

And a boyish/guy/generic one just cos i had leftovers..

I also finished of a CJ layout im doing with a group of girls at 2Peas. Spent just over an hour at the school doing the display for the admin foyer. Wasnt all that happy with it but had limited supplies. The principal was thrilled so I suppose thats all that matters!
Tonight I have cut, glued and curly ribboned over 60 boxes (still got 40 to go) shoudl have a pic of them up tomorrow.
Glad tomorrow is Saturday and I can sleep in...
Grand final day for netball tomorrow, bring it on!



  1. Lis these look great! You have been so productive lately!!!!

  2. Hope it's ok that I've left a link to these on Scrapping the scraps