Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A day for me!

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Day 30

All the boys were back at school today, was the first day I have had just for me since the 14th December!!!
What did I do...I SHOPPED lol
Checked out some thrift shops (the boys hate scrounging around with me) was so nice just to wander around at my leisure, no mum im hungry, mum im bored, mum i need to go to the toilet lol
I visited a friend and checked out the sale at Scrapbook Princess ... I know I know, spose to be using not spending, but i have been using scraps and they had a 20-50% of sale!! You cant not at least have a look right ?
Another hot one today, very muggy and felt like it was going to rain all day but didnt..
Been checking out some of the new lines comming out at CHA and WOW some stunning stuff, cant wait for it to hit Aussie!
Especially loving the whole Elsie range and the new Queen & Co felt ribbon.

Week 4 of Emily's card challenge, A symbol you love.
A smile as the quote says is the same in any language. Ilove that a smile brightens and lightens a room, that its contagious. If you smile at someone they cant help but smile back at you.

Just in finishing I am one day off completeing my 'walk every day in January' challenge i set myself!!!



  1. love your card!!!
    Your so right, every one does smile in the same language... LOVE IT!!!
    Xx jess

  2. Beautiful, I love this card.

  3. your card is great, i love seeing what everyone has done ... its fun! thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. love your card! so bright and cheery - it made me smile :)

  5. Love your card! Love the challenge! Have a great day!


  6. Oooh! I like this one! I have a poem about smiles being contagious! I love it. Thanks for stopping by to see mine too!


  7. This is a briljant symbol. One everybody understands. I also love the colors, they make the card extra happy!

  8. Love the smileys ;) Fun card!
    Isn't it great that we can share ideas this way with women from all over the world? Thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. I like your card, and I love the journaling! That;s so true :) greetings from Holland!!

  10. Love your card, that quote is awesome. Fantastic idea.

  11. What an uplifting card! Love it.

  12. This deffo has to be the best quote I have read in a long time....its so true....we do all smile in the same language.

  13. now that's a great symbol! you can't help but smile when you see it

  14. I love your card!!!

  15. I love your card :)
    And i do agree with you, everyone does smilie in the same language :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

  16. Love this one! Makes ME smile!

  17. Beautiful colours on your card!