Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Back to normal

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Day 2

John reluctanly went back to work today after an 8 day break. My day was prety unexciting, I tidied and then sorted all my photos into date orders and put in photo boxes ready to scrap. I did plan on gettin around to sorting all the christmas and Jay's birthday toys and puttin in the appropriate places...It didn't happen..
Went for our run/walk early today as it looked like rain, Dan and I jogged and Jay followed on his bike. Managed to jog all but 150m today, I dont think the jogging will hold out for long though it will have to become a power walk, my knee is starting to protest loudly after only 2 days. But hey a walk is just as good for me.
Love the quality time that I get to spend with the boys whilst we are out, talk about all sorts of things that might not happen if we were just at home.
Have decided that tonight I am going to scrap at least one page and I want to make myself somesort of keyring, not sure what or how yet lol but will see what happens.
Just to close I thought I would finish with this cute pic I found here...



  1. i'm dreading the thought of going back to work -and i still have two weeks off - i WISH i could be a SAHM - i could potter around to my hearts content *sigh* = maybe in about 10 years i can think about it !!!

  2. Gorgeous photo. My husband went back to work today and neither the dog nor I are happy about it! Time goes so quickly!

  3. Cute photo!
    Thanks for my birthday pressie and message, it arrived yesterday when we got back from the beach..
    That's my favourite quote!