Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Random Stuff

Found this on another blog, how cool is it, now if only I really did look like any of those women!!

A totally awesome site for inspiration if you scrap with alot of photos.

So today im stuck at home without a car again! so bored I decide to rearrange furniture... Who would of guessed that filing cabinet was so heavy. Moving things made me realise that My scrap room isnt as accessible as I wanted yup im rearranging that too..

Found this site that gave me a laugh, thought I would share..
Aussie Christmas

And just to finish with, my clever husband penned this...
Out of the skies flew a little red chap
with some lovely reindeer and a little red cap
He had gifts there for all
for the fat & the thin
the short and the tall
he left them in stockings
and floors most of all
He smiled as he laughed
and completed his task
proud of the fact
he can do it so fast
He sighed as he looked
at the kids all in bed
with presents and fun times
dancing in their head
as he left this one house
he had a last look
and saw a card made for SANTA
so this one he took
he read as he flew
remembering when
as a child he heard
of the best gift of all
was of that which was given
with not even a word
So this is his story
believe it or not
but you ask my child asleep in his cot
"Santa is real daddy
i love him a lot
he brought us his presents
he never forgot"
as i think back now i did hear a feint sound
sounding like laughter comming from all around
i realised at once
a new hope was found
Santas' still real
in our hearts and our soul
with the love wev'e been given
and the joy that we feel.

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