Saturday, November 25, 2006


OK so I play in a mixed futsal (indoor soccer) team, its a FUN comp, not serious at all. We play this new team thurs night and I swear the guys in the team thought they were socceroos players. Rough and nasty goes along way to explain how they played. My 11 yr old son who is our goalie was lucky to walk away without injury, and you better believe I let them know what I thought about their style of play. We have 3 girls in our team, all of us not afraid to get in and have a go, but all 3 of us ended up injured after this game.
My ankle is a beautiful mix of black and yellow and twice its normal size, amazingly it doesnt hurt all that much to walk around on, havent tried to run or kick a ball yet though..
On a brighter note, found out this week that the engagement party our neighbours are having next weekend is actually going to be a surprise wedding!! None of the guests bar a cple know about it, how exciting is that, going to be peeking over the fence next saturday for sure.
My scrap desk is full on paints and glues and paper and anything else scrap related you can think of lol The upside is I am almost done with christmas making!! Well unless you count cards, and those I havent started on yet..
Trying to get a decent christmasy photo of the boys together is proving to be an impossibility. Im really trying to stop the urge to just go buy cards this year.
Finish with a huge big GO AUSSIES!!
The cricketers are batting up a storm, looking good fore regaining the ashes!



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