Monday, November 20, 2006

O'Reilleys Rainforest Retreat

Sums it all up in one word. After a almost 2 hour drive through alot of mountain goat territory and a few week stomachs, we arrived at the guest house. Beautiful just doesn't give it justice. We were treated to a buffet style lunch before being checked into our rooms. Rooms were spacious and had all the necessitys, coffee facilities and a gorgeous bathroom :D A balcony overlooking a gorgeous few.
We had a few hours to do what we pleased, the boys had a great time hand feeding all the tame parrots. They were so beutiful and would just sit on your hand or arm, or even head.

We went for a short walk thru one of the many trails. It was beautiful, so fresh and peaceful. The wildlife and the vegetation was just spectacular. The boys then headed to the pool and spa for a hour or so of splashing around and cooling of.

The kids were all booked into the 'Scrub Club', taken by a few of the staff and treated to games, movie and dinner.
The adults all boarded a 4wd bus and headed into the hills. A bumpy ride through scrub to a clearing high up in the mountain. A short walk and we came to a bar and waiter set up with beer, wine, champers and canapes, we felt like royalty, Another short walk then down to a clearing where we watched the most beautiful sunset.

We then all boarded the bus and was taken back to the Guest house where we dined in a private room. A scrumpcious 3 course meal. The night was then ours to do as we pleased, some chose the bar, some chose bed, others chose the game room.
We awoke early the next day to parrots on our balcony, before dressing and heading to the dining room for a full on breakfast.. The works..the boys thought all their christmas' had come at
once lol

We took a short walk through another of the trails, walking over a swinging bridge, which was a tad scary.
Was soon time to pack up and check out. That wasnt the end of our weekend package though. We all hopped in the cars and drove back down that mountain goat track to the Winery. We were then treated to a wine tasting and a oh so yummy picninc hamper lunch.
It was a beautiful end to a wonderful weekend.

The boys were full of, when can we go back, can we go there at christmas, all the way home.


  1. Looks like a blast :)

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