Friday, October 20, 2006


After the issues of the last day i will now always print out details of flights WHEN i get them...
Darlin Tam booked all my flights to Melbourne and emailed them to me, I stupidly waited a week then printed them out, only to be told by my DH (we can see here who checks things properly) that the flight was booked for friday night..ooops...
Quickly told Tam, the poor darlin got all upset and went into panic mode, I was supposed to be leaving Friday morning... Tried to calm Tam down, it just wasnt going to happen..
All is good though, after Tam talking to the guys at flight centre I am now on a new early morning flight. I have to be up before the sun now though lol Can you tell how much I love my girls :)
This time next week, the 5 of us will have spent a, hmm now whats the right word to use here, crazy ? afternoon together and be starting to get ready to party it up.. right ?
Bring on next week is all i have left to say.

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