Sunday, October 22, 2006

Family Time

So we had this family bbq all organised for yesterday afternoon, nearby park with facilities, plenty of things for all the kids to play on.. Sounds great right ? The minute we arrived and started to unpack it started raining... do we pack up and go home and try and feed 4 adults and 6 kids in my tiny kitchen or stay and make the most of it? You guessed it..we stayed, there were undercover areas so the adults and my baby niece stayed all nice and dry. The kids couldnt of cared less, they played and played and ate and played some more. The good thing about rain at this time of the year is that it isnt cold.


  1. You're making me sooo jealous! I remember that rain... the rain that the kids LOVE to play in... the rain they run out to play in just so they can cool down a little... *sigh* I miss Qld.

  2. Hey babe! Stac here! I miss you heaps!!