Monday, October 16, 2006

Looking forward

In 10 days 14 hours 45 mins (yes counting down) I will be boarding a plane for Melbourne. My first trip there in many years. This trip however is special...
Not only will I be attending my first ever craft fair - Paperific - BUT..I will be meeting 4 of the most wonderful special girls. Have been chatting to these girls for quite awhile now and have formed a special relationship with each of them. To say that I am over the moon at meeting them is an understatement.
A 3 day girly weekend is just what the doctor ordered. Some ME time away from all the stresses and hassles of everyday life for a little while.
So aside from being excited and wondering what clothes to pack, everything is pretty much stable. My mum is hanging in there and starting physio again, she gave up there for awhile but with some encouragement and chats with her daughters she has pulled out of it and is determined again.
DH's dad is progressing slowly and its frustrating the hell out of him. His mum is putting on a brave front for all to see, but DH can see thru it. She is determined to see christmas and is fighting like mad, so fingers crossed and lots of prayers.
Winter sport is over now and we have our weekends free again. My dad is giving us all his camping equipment!! So time to scout out some nice camping spots I think.
Until Next time..


  1. Working out what to pack? Girl... I gotta BUY the clothes to take I'm that lousy.

    10 more sleeps :):):)

  2. Well well well, still no trip to Adelaide and to think I have drag my ass up to see you twice lol...hug john and the boys for me