Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Knitted fluffy scarf

Imagine if you will for a minute your shopping and you find this really pretty super soft yarn and its only $1 a ball. You have to buy it right? I had visions of a small bassinet or pram blanket for a baby boy, that is until I grabbed a hook and went to start.
I forgot that this yarn is very hard to see the stitches, so makes trying to crochet anything with it difficult ( well for the inexperienced me anyways).
So I changed plans, grabbed a set of 8mm knitting needles and turned it into a snuggly warm scarf instead.

It reminded me why I rarely knit, crochet is so much quicker. I used Moda Vera Blissful yarn and a garter stitch and kept knitting until it was long enough to wrap around my neck twice.

I have the same wool in a pretty pink colour as well so if anyone has an ideas other than a scarf please leave me a message. I know I could knit a blanket, but that takes for ever and as I don't have a circular needle thick enough trying to fit all those stitches on a normal needle is difficult.

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