Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Thrift store bargains

A few weeks ago I popped into my local Salvos store just for a quick look. I didn't have alot of time so bypassed the clothes and headed for the back of the store where they keep all their knick knacks and haberdashery.
Nothing caught my eye so I headed upstairs to their book section where they also keep albums and craft type things. I couldn't believe my luck when I spied a HUGE amount of scrapbooking supplies! There were probably over 200 sheets of paper and lots of embellishments. It looked like a store had closed down or someone had decided not to scrap anymore and donated their whole stash.
The lovely ladies let me go through all the papers and just pick our what I wanted even though they had them done up in packs. I picked up a far east paper pad all the papers you see below some rubons, some boy stickers and a few other bits and pieces all for $5
 Bargain of the century!!

 After the huge haul above I also spied a few things for my gift wrapping cupboard. A large pack of brown paper bags, love these for decorating and wrapping small gifts. A bag full of paper doilies in a few different sizes, an unopened pack of craft paper ribbon and a cute easel to replace one of mine that broke.

This haul made up for all those times I go and find nothing. If you haven't found anything in your thrift store lately just keep going you never know what will show up.

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