Monday, January 11, 2016

Sophies Universe part 12

What started of as a small circle and grew into a square and then a octagon has now returned to a square. Finally it is starting to actually look like a blanket, and for those following along with my progress I LIKE it now!!
The colours grew on me the more that the blanket grew and its turning into a colourful blanket that reminds me of spring.

So part 12 complete, still quite a few more parts to go and its taking alot longer to get each part done now as its so big.
I was hoping to get 13 and 14 done this month but its been so darn hot here that I haven't been able to stand having this heavy, hot blanket sitting over me of a night.
Maybe if we get some cooler nights over the rest of the year I might get some more done, otherwise it is going to have to sit and wait until after the new year.

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Lis :)

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