Friday, January 08, 2016

Lets get organised - family planner

At the start of each year I like to get myself organised, purchase my calender and planner and have everything I already know is happening written in.
I'm still very old school and use a planner rather than my phone, I think it has alot to do with if i write it down I tend to remember alot of it. It is also sitting open on my desk where I can see it everyday which I like.
Choosing the right planner has always been the hard part for me. With adult kids all having so much on that I need to be aware of as well as mine and Johns activities, makes it a juggle to fit it all in something.

In the past few years I have gone with an A5 day to a page planner and it sort of worked, but last year I noticed there was alot of waste, most days the pages were pretty much empty.
So this year i wanted to go with something different. After looking at alot of different planners in stores - I don't tend to buy one online as I like to see it and make sure its what I need - I purchased an A4 monthly planner.  It was important for me that the weekends have a decent amount of writing space as this is when the most of our activity's take place.
It has a monthly calender at the start of each month and then a week to each opening which so far has been perfect.

 I always write up all the birthdays for the whole year and any other events that I know will be happening at the beginning of the year, that way I don't forget about them.
Then usually will fill in each month with other things as they arise.
So far I am liking the new format but only time will tell as to if its better or not.

Do you still use a planner or have you updated to your phone?

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  1. For the first time ever I am using a planner I bought over the net and I am happy enough with it. I hope this works well for you.

    1. So far it looks like it will be good Suze, hope that you are happy with yours too :)