Monday, December 21, 2015

Handmade Christmas - Weaving a little different

Awhile ago now I found this rather large embroidery hoop whilst thrifting and thought hmm I need that. It then sat in my cupboard for months forgotten. Whilst sorting after our move I cam across it again and decided it was going to get used.
What to use it for wasn't the easiest decision, I really didn't relish the idea of doing such a large cross stitch. I though about a mixed media style stitching but that didn't really excite me either. I had just finished doing a weaving for a customer when I had the idea that a round weaving would be really cool.

It took quite a few goes at working out how to go about it but I worked it out then has so much fun with it. It did get a little tricky the closer I got to the outside, which is why I left a bit of a gap.
It has now been gifted and the new owner loves it so that makes me happy. Another successful handmade Christmas gift crossed of my list.

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