Monday, November 30, 2015

Handmade gifts - Crochet washers

Getting a head start on handmade gifts is always a good idea and having a box of gifts at the ready to pick something out for those last minute celebrations is how I like to keep organised.
I have  a couple of baby showers coming up early in the new year and wanted to get started on a few small things before it gets hectic.

Washers are my go to small baby gift, they are soft and natural and wont harm the new baby's skin, pop them in a basket with some bath goodies or even nappy wipes and you have a cute little gift ready to go.
I was gifted this gorgeous 10ply bendigo cotton a little while ago which was the perfect choice for little baby boy washers.

Just for those family member's who I know are thinking it......the baby's are not going to be related to me :)

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Lis :)

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