Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Retiring the Mum Taxi

Anyone who is a parent knows all about the mum taxi, the many hours sitting in your car in traffic driving you children to school, sport, play dates, or work. How many times have you complained about the early mornings in winter travelling to that sports ground or the late nights waiting to pick them up from work?

Then there were the times that you had to either drop of or pick up multiple children from different places at the same time. Frustrating right?

So my youngest boy finally got his license and all of a sudden I'm no longer needed to drive him anywhere. You would think that I'd be excited that I'm no longer a taxi service, I am mostly.
The thing is all those trips to and from wherever were actually really cool, a great time to chat to my boys, to spend one on one time with them that I wouldn't normally get.
I miss that!
So all you mums (and dads) out there complaining about being the "taxi" enjoy it while you are still needed.

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