Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A new place to call home

Let me just say right from the start, moving sucks! All that packing and cleaning then unpacking would have to be one of the worst jobs around.
We are finally in our new place, a little less space than we were used to but alot more modern which is a nice change.

 The stress from this whole move is something I hope I don't have to go through again, it wasn't pleasant. Let me explain a little....We were to hand back the keys on the Tuesday, on the Thursday before we still hadn't gotten confirmation of a new place to live. Lots of stressing and yes there were tears too.

 We desperately applied for a place on the Thursday afternoon, thinking well if the others fall through (which they did) we can just put everything in storage and stay somewhere until this one is ready.
Enter an amazing assistant property manager from Ray White Loganholme, a bucket load of phone calls and we were approved for a place by 5pm Friday afternoon and could pick keys up Saturday morning!!
Relief beyond words!!

The next step was to finish packing and get everything in the new house. Imagine 4 male hoarders and a crafter and this job was going to be huge haha. We had some amazing helpers who went above and beyond and yet it still took forever (or seemed like it).
Now you would think everything from here on in would go smoothly right, uhh not for us, we couldn't get power on in the new house till the Tuesday.
So whilst trying to get the last few things to the new house and trying to clean from top to bottom we still had to live in the old house. Takeaway became our new best friend and the best way to get mum cranky over those few days was to ask her where something was....

Nearly a month on we are in, we have power and phone and Internet and have found all the computers and got them hooked up. Normality is starting to return.
The unpacking took longer than I though and is still not totally all done, the important things are unpacked and organised though. The kitchen, bedrooms and my craft room haha!!

Looking back at the last month I am going to seriously look at a removalist and hire cleaners for our next move. (sadly with renting there is always a next time)
I know I've said this before but this last time was hell and something id rather not repeat.

So back to normal now folks, there will be regular blog posts starting today so stay tuned for some crafty projects I've been saving up to share.

Thanks for visiting
Lis :)

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