Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Organisation - craft room

The space that never stays clean and never is organised the way you need for productivity! Sound like your craft space? Its definitely mine so after being in this house for a few years I decided that I needed to sort, purge and organise in a way that better suited how I create.

First step was to pull everything out and start with clean empty storage units. I also moved my desk from the far wall to over by the window, this gave me a better natural light during the day.
I made some noted about what i used the most which helped with where I put everything. The top photo is the before shot and the one just above is the room after. Still not perfect but much better.

I have a designated computer desk with the phone and printer close by but also close to where I create so I'm able to multi task.
Beside my computer desk and right behind my craft table are two storage units with papers, and embellishments I use all the time.

I then have two larger storage shelves holding various containers of everything else, from scrapbooking  products to paints, material and various other mixed media items.
I also store all my albums along the bottom shelves as well as a large tub of yarn on the top.

My desk is a nice large size (great for when a friend comes to create with me) and has plenty of space to create but still have my journal and planner and utensils close at hand.
I love that I can now look out the window whilst I create and am able to see anyone coming and going up the stairs and into he rest of the house and not have my back to it.
The boys quite often come and sit and chat whilst I work.

Now after getting this room how I wanted it we have found out we have to move, so stay tuned for another post about my new craft space. Fingers crossed we find a home with a space that I can use.

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  1. Thank you for sharing a room that is real. Not many can afford beautiful furniture etc and you have proved you can do this with wha tis on hand.

    1. Thank you Suze, its not pretty but its functional and that is whats important for me :)