Monday, June 08, 2015

Grandpa's Workshop - made to order change table

There have been many things made in our workshop over the years, we are lucky that hubby is very handy with the tools and can pretty much put his hand to anything.
When he was asked if he would make a change table for Josh and Ash ready for when our first grandson came along he was pretty chuffed. He is very much a perfectionist when it comes to building things and spends alot of time making sure its just right.
It was no different with the change table, and as this one was to be a unique shape he spent many hours measuring, cutting, sanding etc until it was done.

Both Josh and Ash loved their one of a kind change table, made to fit into a corner of the nursery with lots of room for all the things you need at hand when  changing a baby. Lots of room for storage and everything little thing they might need.
I did my little bit by purchasing a change mat and finding this adorable bear change mat cover, perfect for a jungle theme nursery.

The frame for the change mat is removable so when Chayse is a little older and no longer needs a change table it can be removed and just used as a piece of furniture.
I think Grandpa is pretty darn clever, don't you agree?

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