Tuesday, May 19, 2015

5 places to visit

 I really really want to travel! There are so many places that Id love to visit and sadly I don't think I will ever get to most of them, so I just continue to dream.
When I first thought about doing this post my original idea was for it to be a bit of a bucket like list, as in one day I will visit etc. Ive since decided to be a little realistic and look at 5 places that I would like to visit in 2015/2016. Places that Id really like to go and ones that might actually happen.

 the view looking towards Hobart from my parents home.  


 Tassie is always top of my list to visit, with my family being there its the one place I miss the most. The next time we go, as well as visit with family, id really love to show the boys around the place that we were all born. Show them places I grew up loving, and places that they may not remember anymore (they were young when we left).

 photo taken from lookout


 A couple of years ago we spent a weekend in Noosa and I loved it, even though it was pretty busy with tourists it was just so peaceful and beautiful.
The weekend we spent there was for footy, we stayed the night in a lovely apartment and then spent the Sunday playing tourist. It wasn't long enough to take it all in and see everything.
I want to go back and spend at least a few days there just for us exploring and soaking it all in.


Not long after we first moved to Brisbane one of our friends from Tassie was playing a roller hockey tournament in Caloundra so we took a day trip to watch him play and catch up with his family. We had a little glimpse of what a beautiful place it is but spent the entire day inside.
Id love to spend a weekend here and relax and explore a little.


We have driven past the turn off for Coolum so many times on our way to and from footy games and Ive probably said every time I want to visit their.
My eldest son worked for a number of days at a resort there and my middle son spent a long weekend there and both had great things to say about the place. I just really want to check it out for myself.

Coffs Harbour

Another place i have never been but my son and husband stayed their back when we first moved to Brisbane. So many people i know have also been there and loved it and with it only being a few hours down the road I think we could manage a weekend here when footy is over (hopefully).

Hopefully over the next couple of years I will get to visit all of these places. We are limited to travelling outside of footy season so only have about 4-5 months a year, but my fingers are crossed.

Thanks for visiting
Lis :)

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