Thursday, April 23, 2015

Introducing Chayse Sean Balm

The birth of my three sons were the most amazing experience I'm sure any mum would agree with me, its just such a special time.
When my oldest baby boy told me he and his fiancee were going to have a baby of their own, I'll be honest it was a huge shock. It took a little while for the 'surprise' to sink in but once it did the excitement and anticipation of a new baby in the family kicked in.

As you have seen if you a regular reader of my blog I got busy making some (ok alot) of sweet baby crochet all ready for my new grandson!

The little man took his time making an arrival being overdue 10 days but we are so pleased that 4.16am Tuesday 21st April he decided it was time.

Both Kerry (Ashleigh's mom) were in the waiting room, nervous, excited, anxious and emotional. That moment when Josh walked out to tell us Chayse had arrived I will never forget.

My biggest baby boy walked towards me with the most amazing smile and look of pride on his face it tugged at my heart strings. He showed us a picture on his phone (we weren't able to go see him yet) and he was just bursting with emotion.

I watched on as Josh gave his baby boy his first bottle and then dressed him for the first time, those heart strings tugged again. 

Our little man was a healthy 3.8kg and 53.5cm and the just adorable and looking alot like his daddy. Ash had a quick trip to surgery but was in good health as well and it wasn't long before they were all settled into the maternity ward together.

If you follow me on facebook or instagram then I prewarn you there will be an abundance of baby photos coming, I make no apologies  :)

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