Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Handmade gifts - crochet doiley

 Most of us remember the doiley as those things grandma had scattered all over the house under almost everything. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who in their early 20's thought they were really old fashion and huge dust collectors.

It might be a sign I'm getting old or it might just be that the doiley is making a comeback, as alot of things do. I'm seeing more and more of the humble doiley being used now a days, the old style revamped or remade with brighter yarns.
They can be  - for those that are reloving them or just discovering them a great little item to add some colour to your room, as well as  a great handmade gift.

This simple pink and cream doiley using an easy round pattern, using 8 ply cotton, I made to include with a Christmas gift for a lovely lady.
Simple and easy to make, but if you wanted to step it up and make it a little more fancy there are so many patterns out there for you to choose from.
Why not even keep going and turn it into a table runner or table cloth, the possibilities are endless.

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