Friday, January 23, 2015

Crochet Market bags

Who shares my dislike of plastic bags? I'm sure most of you do. There are a lot of  Eco alternatives around now a days. Like a lot of you I have many of the $2 ones from the supermarkets, and whilst these are great for doing the groceries, not so practical or pretty for a day of shopping for clothes or non food items.

Introducing the crochet market bag! I have made a few of these for gifts and have a couple of my own. I have made the handles long so they can go over your shoulder and not have to be carried in your hand. This is easy enough to change though if you prefer shorter handles.
The patterns are endless, so many different designs and of course they can be made in whatever colours you want. I added flowers to these for that extra girly touch.

I didn't use a pattern for these I just started with a circle and went from there, but if you are in need of a pattern do a search on Ravelry or check out this one on Attic 24, she has an awesome tutorial.

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