Monday, November 24, 2014

Summer salads

You might be a little surprised to see pictures of homemade food on my blog, you may even be a little shocked.
You wouldn't be wrong in thinking this is a little strange or out of character for me. Whilst I am quite capable in the kitchen (contrary to many beliefs) I DO NOT enjoy cooking and baking...well that's not even something I do more than maybe once a year.

 I do however love this time of year when the weather heats up and the stores start to stock a huge variety of fruits and vegetable. Salads are something I love to eat and really love to make, creating a salad that's a little different but tasty is fun!
Crab meat (or seafood highlighter) or even prawns make their way onto our table frequently during the warmer months.
This weekends easy dinner was a simple crab salad roll. Crab meat with a seafood sauce placed on top of your favourite lettuce in a dinner roll and tah dah dinner is served!

I made a dozen of these for 4 of us (including 2 teenage boys) and we had 3 leftover. They were alot more filling than I had anticipated, but kept well in the fridge until the next days lunch.

Disclaimer...please don't be holding your breath for more food posts, this may well be my one and only!

Thanks for stopping by
Lis :)

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