Friday, November 21, 2014

Old school weaving pt 2

 I decided to try my hand at some more weaving I enjoyed it so much the last time. As I mentioned in my other post I haven't done any weaving since my childhood (a long long time ago haha).
Once again using the loom from when I was little I picked out some colours and this time around decided to get a little brave with design.

The tightness issues I had with the first one worked out a little better this time, I think this might  fix it self with some practise and maybe a little patience.
I have to iron out the fringes a bit, I found using wool that had been previously used and wound in a ball left the wool  not as straight as I would like it.
I also found this time around fixing in ends as I went worked much better than leaving it all till the end.
One of these has joined my handmade gift box and will be on its way to a new owner next month for Christmas the other I'm keeping for myself.

Have you tried any weaving? Would love to see!

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Lis :)

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