Saturday, August 30, 2014

Taking stock - 04

Making : lots of scrapbook and project life pages
Cooking : chicken and rice for dinner tonight
Drinking : water
Reading: catching up on my bloglovin feed
Wanting: some nice warm weather for the weekend - looks like I'm going to get it!
Looking: for birthday and Father's Day gifts
Playing: around with design and trying to make my home look nice
Deciding: how I want to rearrange my craft room
Wishing: it wasn't so hard to find a job
Enjoying: talking to my mum and dad on the phone last night
Waiting: to announce some special news
Liking: the fresh colours around for spring
Wondering: how my baby boy will go with QCS
Loving: that sickness has left our house
Pondering: about whether or not to get my hair all chopped of
Considering: going back to school
Watching: better homes and gardens
Hoping: we ca bring home 3premierships
Marvelling: at the talent of some friends
Needing: a girls night
Smelling: a freshly cleaned house
Wearing: no socks! It's getting warmer hah
Following: along with Instagram photos from those attending pro blogger event
Noticing: the new trends for spring
Knowing: that I need to get motivated to exercise
Thinking: about way too many things at once

Admiring: Ashleigh's engagement ring
Sorting: all my craft supplies
Buying: fresh flowers
Getting: ready to spend some crafting time with a friend every week
Bookmarking: penpal and mailart ideas
Disliking: the attitude of some people around me lately
Opening: windows and letting some warmth from sunny days inside
Giggling: when reading an old joke book I found
Feeling: homesick
Snacking: on fresh strawberries and grapes
Coveting: new bedding
Wishing: for a visit from mum and dad
Helping: whoever needs my help
Hearing: nothing...I'm home alone no kids music or bickering

Have a great weekend whatever your up to!
Thanks for stopping by
Lis :)

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