Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I have been on a real organising kick lately, trying to get things working a lot smoother than they were in both the home and my craft room.
When I first started writing to my penpal I had a little folder where I kept all her details and letters and other bits that she sent me.  That worked until I got two more penpals and the little folder was soon bulging, it was time to work out something else.
The folder I had originally I decided to keep (see photo above) it now has plastic sleeves with each penpals contact information, the paper bag envelopes you can see will eventually have cards with details about each penpal.
My memory int great and having to search back through letters to find names and birthday's and similar info is time consuming. Now it will be as simple as opening the folder and pulling out the card and having everything i need right there.
Next was working out how to store all the letters and gifts sent to me. I would eventually like a little suit case or basket, but went (for now) with what I had on hand, an old video box not being used anymore.
I made up a divider for each penpal and decorated them with washi tape and zentangles and then just added all my letters!
I still have to simplify how I store all my writing sets and notepads, for now they all just sit on a shelf. All my stickers and pretties that I use on letters and envelopes I have currently in a fabric folder that I received a few years ago in a swap.
I'm keeping my eye out for something I can have all my writing sets and stickers etc all together but for now this system works.

If you would like a penpal or if you have one already another one, then head on over to Mel from One Crafty Mumma's blog, she is still taking sign ups for her penpal swap.

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