Thursday, August 21, 2014

First trip to Sydney

 There is something quite magical about flying over a city at night. My first glimpse of Sydney was exactly that, a million lights shining.
I have had a stopover at Sydney airport before but never left the airport, so was a little excited to get our hire car and venture outside the concrete city which is Sydney airport. I will say that I dont think we would of considered driving around Sydney if it wasnt for the Navman, it was our lifeline.
We crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and I may just of got a little excited about it - im weird like that - and made our way north to Thornleigh to our hotel. It was quite late by the time we got there so we just booked in and went to bed.

The next morning we woke to a freezing cold day, quite the shock to the 24+ Brissy days we had been having. We had a few hours to fill in before we needed to get ready for the wedding so we went for a bit of a drive.
We started out trying to find Olympic Park (we had seen the sign for it the night before) turns out that Sydney has a million Olympic Parks most of which are just suburban parks. In the end we gave up and just drove back to the hotel, it was getting close to get ready time anyways.

We got to see a couple of more suburbs during the course of the wedding, afternoon tea and reception and pretty much fell into bed exhausted around 1am.
The next morning we were up and packed and ready to book out early, we werent flying home until later that evening but had plans to see some sights.

Our first stop was Sydney Opera house, we walked around and got a million photos of the opera house and the Harbour Bridge, it was a really overcast day so hard to get decent photos.
We then took a walk up through the Botanical gardens, so many really cool trees and plants as well as Government house. I didnt think it would be all that interesting but was pleasantly surprised.

Pretty soon it was time to head to the airport, I didnt see all that  I had wanted to but at least this time I got to see more than just the airport. Whilst I dont think I could ever live in Sydney, Id really love to go back again and see more.

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