Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hanging out with family

Moving to Queensland 14 years ago was a good move for our family, but it came with drawbacks. Living so far away from the rest if the family has been really hard. I really miss Mum and Dad and my baby sister and her family, it's hard not being able to spend time with them and be together for all those special celebrations.
The boys really miss them all too and it's so obvious just how much when we do all get to meet up, which isn't often enough.
A few weeks ago my sister and hubby and the kids came to Queensland for a holiday. The boys were talking about it for ages before hand and eagerly making plans.
It was awesome catching up and getting to spend time just hanging out, Sally and I chatted no. Stop I think haha the boys had an absolute ball spending time both at the beach, the park and at out place with Chels and Lincoln.
It was really heartwarming to see my big boys enjoying hanging out with their little cousins. Chels and Lincoln seem to enjoy spending time with the boys too.
It wasn't long before time was up and they were going home again, leaving us longing for the net holiday back home.

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