Friday, April 11, 2014

My baby boy turns 21

Its true what they say, you always remember every single little detail of special moments in your life! 21 years ago I became a mum for the very first time, I was excited waiting for the arrival of my little bubba! Not every thing went to plan but eventually we got to meet our gorgeous little boy (and yes he was little way back then hahaha).

 We have watched him grow over the years and grow he did very quickly becomming alot bigger than most little boys his age, that didnt change over the years and it wasnt long before he was bigger than his mum AND dad!!

 We watched as you threw yourself head first into everything, you wanted to try it all. You were a determined young man who wanted to succeed at everything you tried, you wanted to learn a little bit of everything.

We are so very proud of the young man that you have grown up to be, handsome, confidant and a drive to do well for yourself. We hope that you continue to grow and learn and achieve everything you want out of life!

 Josh didnt want a huge party, just a quiet (hahaha, 18 people just cant do quiet very well) dinner with family and friends. We are thankful to everyone that came along to celebrate with us,for those that drove up to Brisbane, for his Godmother for flying up from Melbourne and all the family and friends from locally that made the night memorable!

 Happy 21st Josh xx

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