Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Footy is Back!

Its that time of year again, footy season! Didnt we just finish last season like last month? It certainly seems like we havent had that much of a break. I should be thankful that I dont have to drive to and sit at trainings anymore, thankful for a hubby who is needed and a son who drives!!!

Three of my men folk are involved with the Pumas again this year. John is once again the sports trainer and looking after the teams on his own this year - think that might have to change, Dan is playing in the senior group more this year hoping to improve his game. Jay is helping out around the club with boundary umpiring and water carrier. Me, well once again this year im taking photos! (for any players or supporters reading this they are uploaded to facebook usually by Wednesday following the game - where life allows).

This year the whole structure has changed and there have been alot of changes (which I think are still ongoing), we have had a few practice games so far and the seniors and reserves kicked of their 1st round with wins from both sides! Well done teams!!
The 18's are hopefully kicking of their season this week or next, goodluck to them too!

At times during the footy season im sure you will hear me winge/complain about being at the footy all day, about how id rather be at home or doing something else. Honestly I really do enjoy it, love watching my boys play sport and the social aspect is good too! Catching up with the girls and having coffee/wine and chats is always a good thing!

Heres hoping for a fantastic season for all Puma teams!!

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