Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

Its been a dreary, rainy day here today, we really need the rain so its a good thing, but not great when you are out and about in and out of the car all day. I managed to stay pretty dry and cheer myself up with some cute thrift store pretties!

This little birdy was very cute, tiny and likes his new home on my dresser!

Im always on the lookout for globes and have not had much luck finding many, I think this is possibly a modern one not vintage but hey a globe all the same and it is now part of my collection.

This sweet little (its only about 5-6 cm) vintage telephone was sitting on a display in the window of my local Salvos. The lovely store manager Karen went to all the trouble of getting it down for me and only charge me $2 Bargain!!

Hope you are staying dry and have a great night.

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Lis :)