Sunday, March 23, 2014

Recycling - Tshirt rag rug

Is it just my children that seem to have a growth spurt between the end of the school year and the new year starting ? My youngest seems to have shot up so quickly, well I was going through his wardrobe sorting out what fits and what doesn't. OMG when did he start fitting into men's sizes!
There were a whole heap of tshirts and tanks that no longer fitted, I was getting ready to grab a bag and sort into rubbish and donate when an idea came to me.

I have seen so many pictures and tutorials online for tshirt rugs and always thought one day I am going to try one of those! Yep you guessed it, today was that day! It took a couple of tries to work out the best way to cut the tshirts up into strips with as least amount of joins as possible.

Grabbing my trusty (hide from the kids) sewing scissors I started cutting - big tip for next time is to make sure I cut the strips as evenly as possible - and ended up with piles of tshirt yarn, oh and lots and lots of messy bits too (that stuff is almost as bad as bean bag filling). I rolled them all up into balls ready to start crocheting!

The part I thought would be easy, wasn't.... It was not so much fun to crochet with to start, its quite thick and you  need a HUGE crochet hook. Once I got the hook sorted and got a few rows in it did get easier, and with the tshirt yarn being so thick it came together quite quickly.

After I had the size I wanted I was a little disappointed in the shape and how it had turned out, I think alot of it had to do with the size of the strips I cut and it needed to be blocked. Fast forward 24 hours and blocking was done and I was happier with the outcome.
I considered giving it a border and started but it looked weird (to me) so I went without, its new home is now in my sons room (he has a sliding door to outside) .

Would I make another one ? Yes, but, I would as mentioned above keep the strips the same size and look at the colours used and maybe make a little bigger. Overall I was happy with it, I had tried something new and recycled a heap of tshirts that now wont go into landfill!

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