Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in review 2013 - Handmade

At the start of 2013 I made a resolution to give as many handmade gifts for the year as I could. I love receiving handmade gifts, love the thought that goes into them and the love and care and time someone has spent creating that gift.

Not everyone on my list for gifts can be given handmade, sometimes its not practicle or easy to think of something that they would not only like or need but appreciate as well. Im sure we have all had those times where we spent hours creating something only for it to get a luke warm response from the receiver.

I spent many hours sitting in front iof the tv crocheting, at my desk drawing and painting as well as hours scouring various sites for inspiration (ok so I admit alot more than I really needed to lol).
I created canvases for both my sons girlfriend and a dear friend as well as one for me!

I tackled my first ever baby crochet! I have knitted for babies before but never crochet so I was chuffed with myself for mastering this! I made up blankets and jackets along with bonnets and booties for my great niece. I also made a couple of other blankets that I cant share yet as the bubba isnt due till February ( I dont want to spoil the surprise for mumma to be).

I managed 3 large crochet blankets this year (no more big blankets for awhile now lol) one for Daniel for his 18th, he needed a new one as he upgraded from single to double bed, and both my sons girlfriends got given a db blanket as well.

Both girls amused at the fact they would watch me crochet them and even helped pick out colours and arrange squares and had no idea it was for them hahah.

I once again created for Girls Night In, a great cause that I am happy to be contributing to. This year I painted a large canvas as well as crocheting some smaller lucky door items.

My last lot of creating for the year was some zentangle monograms for some lovely ladies for christmas, I love zentangle they are so much fun to do and (in my opinion) make a great gift!

I plan to continue my handmade gift giving into 2014. Im currently working on a creative diary of sorts to help me organise who im creating for and what I will make for them. Will share this when I get it sorted.

Do you handmake gifts? Please leave me links if you do, would love to come see what you create.
Have you a simple way that you keep track of all your craft projects ? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by
Lis :)


  1. Oh my goodness! Wow! You have created up a storm and all sooooooooooo beautiful!