Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A year of drawing

Who needs another creative outlet ? Not that we really have time to add something else to our ever growing list of projects, but why not, its fun right ?
Earlier in the year I came across Illustration Friday, a website all about drawing and ilustrating. So much to look at you could easily get lost there for hours.
When I saw that they did a weekly drawing prompt I thought why not, I cant draw but what a fun way to try and learn. So I got myself  a(nother) visual diary stocked up on coloured pencils and replenished my watercolours and was ready to start.

Some of the prompts were a little tricky and some were quite simple. I struggled some weeks to get something down on paper and many times nearly ripped it all up and gave up not happy with how my drawings were turning out. I didnt though, with a little encouragement from friends and my family I kept at it.

What I have ended up with is  a book full of all different drawings, some im proud of, some id rather anyone not see, but what im most proud of is that I kept going and didnt give up.

I plan to keep going through 2014 and fill my book up and even start a new one, its fun! Who wants to join me with a drawing or doodle a week ?

Thanks for stopping by
Lis :)

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