Monday, November 25, 2013

Thrifty Finds

I was having a conversation wit h a lady recently that really got me thinking, we were chatting about some of the things Ive found in thrift stores. The lady made the comment "oh I make enough money, I dont need to go to op shops".
It made me stop and think about why I do shop at thrift stores. Im not ashamed to admit that at times it has been because of financial issues, but when it came down to it the reason was because I actually LIKE roaming around them.
Yes, some of them can be a little musty and smelly, but on the whole they are just stores filled with racks or shelves of things someone else doesnt need or want anymore. Treasures to be found!
I love just roaming around looking at  the things to be found, there have been some pretty funny things sitting on shelves over the years. Sometimes I come out with some amazing finds at bargain prices and other times I come away with nothing.

So on that note im going to share with you some of the things I have found in my thrift store travels lately.

This mirror comes up to my waist, its a little chipped around the edges but it was $5 and I love it!

This cushion just screamed "take me home' haha I dont know if its vintage or just a vintage look but couldnt resist it!

Cute little hand carved chest was darling and now sits on my table holding little bits and pieces I might need for crafting while watching tv of a night.

The day I found these tins I was actually looking for plastic drawers to hold stationery items. These took me back to my nana's place where she had tins similar filled with colouring in pencils for when we used to visit! They quickly got grabbed up and the look for plastic drawers was forgotten.

I will add that although I do enjoy the whole thrifting experience, I am pretty picky about what I choose to buy. I have to look at quality, price, useability and of course hygeine when I shop.

Do you thrift shop ? I know a few of  my readers do, would love to see some of what treasures you have found!

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Lis :)


  1. I do! Except Im trying to cut down on clutter and thrift shop hunting adds to it!!
    I have a similar tin for my washi tape storage!

    1. Yep thats been me too, but im getting a little more selective and STRICT with myself now haha