Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend Away - Noosa

 During the footy season we have a couple  games on the sunshine coast, Maroochydore and Noosa. This year we decided to make a weekend of it, we had tried for  two nights but had to settle for the one.
Just to set the scene a little, I have a son playin 18's and another that may as well be my son playing reserves plus hubby is sports trainer for both those teams and the seniors. So we are at footy for 3 games and on average a total of  7 hours on the one day.

We started the day of nice and early before the sun came up and with a pit stop for coffee and breakfast and toilets we made it to Noosa. Fast forward to 5.30pm and we were ready to find the apartment, it wasnt that far from the footy ground and after working out the gate and security we got our keys and found our apartmen. I was lucky enough to get an upgrade on our booking so we got a 3 bedroom apartment instead of 2, which suited the 5 of us much better. the apartment was great, had everything we needed and the beds were comfortable after a long day at footy.

We sort of unpacked had showers and then headed out to find some dinner and for John and I a pretty early night, the kids though went for a walk and did their own thing. The next morning we had to be checked out by 10am so up and packed and ready to leave on time, all set for a bit of exploring Noosa.

Can I just say... Noosa is such a beautiful place!!!

We had no idea really what to do or see, so we just started driving around. We found a signpost for a lookout so we headed up the mountain. Wow, what an amazing view! It wasnt such a great day a little cloudy and dreary (hey it was July) I could just imagine how pretty it would look on a beautiful day!

We headed down the mountain in search of the beach, there were a few different ones we settled on The Spit. Whilst we didnt brave the water (it wasnt even 20c) it was amazing! We spent a little while just hanging out taking it all in before heading of to get lunch and make the long trek home.

The trip home was quiet the trio of kids in the back were all pretty tired as were both John and I. We have made this trip along the Bruce Highway quite a few times now, but its always been early morning on the way up and rushing to get to game on time and usually dark on the way home. I have been wanting to get a photo of the Ettamogah Pub for ages! We pulled over on the side of the freeway and timing it so I didnt get the cars passing by on the freeway in the shot, I got my photo!

The weekend away has brought home to me just how much of our beautiful state I havent seen and I really want to try and remedy that!

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