Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Crochet Organising

Im not sure about you, but when I first start a new hobby its just as exciting to collect supplies as it is to be creating. Whether it be Scrapbooking, art journals, painting, knitting or crochet.
If you look around my craft room then you wouldnt be blamed for thinking that I collect more than I create lol there are so many different supplie and pretty things that you just "have" to have but so little time to create!

It was no different when I first learnt how to crochet, lots and lots of yarn somehow made it back to my room to join what I already had (I have been a knitter for many years), along with the needles and now all those different size hooks that I absolutely NEED. You never know what size you will need, right ?

It took me awhile but I now have all my yarn sorted, its not the prettiest storage but it works - for now... I needed someway to store all my hooks I crochet both in my craft room and upstairs in  my lounge so something easy and portable was needed. I searched around a little, there are so many pretty holders around, I dont sew all that well so I had to go with a crochet one.

I found this pattern, which I modified a little to suit the yarn I was using. I was surprised how quickly it all came together. I also realised that its not really suitable for my tiny hooks, as they slip through the slots, but I got around that by adding a few in together.

As always with your first time doing something you can see ways to make it better and im already thinking about doing another one. Maybe in crochet cottons this time, would make a much tighter fit I think.

How do you store your crochet hooks, would love to see.

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Lis :)

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  1. Wow! LOVE this to bits! I need one of these! LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!