Thursday, June 27, 2013

White boys can jump.

 A few months ago my oldest son Josh came home and told us that he was trying out for the Logan Thunder Basketball Senior Rep Team. He has always been a tall boy and we did at I think 8 yrs take him to try out for basketball, but he was so uncoordinated and gangly it turned into a bad idea. Fast forward 11 years and a solid football career behind him and he has started showing a liking for it again and even playing in a mens league midweek.
He was super chuffed and we were so proud when he got the notification that he made the team!!!

At 6ft 7 and just under 100kg (yup huge) and years of playing ruckman at footy was a perfect fit for basketball it seems. He has had to put his football on hold to play, but he is loving his basketball.
Court time hasnt been all that forthcomming so far but he is one of the rookies and im sure that will improve with time. When he is on the court though he impresses (well me at least if not always the coach).

So proud of my boy who has shown over the years a love for ALL sports not just one, having played Ice Hockey at State and National level, umpired ice hockey and soccer, played AFL and won 2 premierships as well as taking part in all school sports teams and winning the major award in his last year and now the Rep basketball team!!
Looking forward to seeing what else the future has in store for my boy!

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  1. Lol! Love your title! Great pics! Yeah!