Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lets go fishing...

 I have been totally slack at updating lately, I have the posts all planned out but seem to run out of hours to sit here and type up a post. Quite a few family stories to tell as well as craftiness to share in the future so stay tuned :)

Good Friday was a rare day that everyone not just had the day off  BUT were actually all going to be at home at the same time!!
Josh wanted to go fishing so we thought we would make a family day of it, so we packed up and headed down the coast to the Spit. We tried a spot on the rocks but after the lines kept on getting snagged we moved further down to the beach. Much more comfortable for those of us who dont fish haha.
As per usual John spent most of his time sorting out rods and lines and whatever else it is he does with them (im clueless).

The boys enjoyed themselves and even Ash had a go fishing (some of the time) whilst Shantel and I just sat and watched or I wandered and took photos - as you do.
Always wanted to do the writing in the sand thing haha

It was a fabulous day, I loved just being all together, all of us  (7 now - gosh we are growing) and enjoying the time because it is a very rare occurence.
As the sun started to set we headed home to a big seafood dinner (brought not caught lol).
Hopefully we can fit more of these type of days in this year.

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Lis :)


  1. These are really great pics! Need to see some of these scrapped! Yeah!

    1. Thanks Sandi, and yes eventually I will scrap them!