Monday, April 29, 2013

Illustration Friday

I have continued practising my drawing by following along with the Illustration Friday themes, I thought (wrongly) that after a few weeks that "wham" it would all fall into place and my drawings would be like some of the other amazing ones that are on the site.....BIG reality check...there not....I got frustrated for awhile and almost crumpled the whole lot up and threw them away.
I know that some might say thats a really defeatist attitude to have and they would be right, but I just couldnt move past how simple and amateurish the drawings were. That is until one night my sons girlfriend saw one of them and said how cool it was....
That one simple little comment made me stop and think and realise that I was over thinking the whole drawing exercise. All the other creative/crafty things that I do, I do because I love doing them, they make me feel happy. I needed to get to that place with my drawing!
When I sat back and really looked at what I was drawing I realised that it didnt matter what they looked like, it mattered that I was enjoying the process. I may continue to draw these simple illustrations or they may get better, but I know now that it doesnt matter as long as I keep enjoying my drawing,.

The collage above are drawings ive done over the last few weeks, Egg, Urban, Friends and Wild.
They are all either coloured pencil or watercolour. Ive done a couple more that I have yet to uplaod but will do so over the comming days.
I want to thank Ash for making me stop and realise that I was being way to criticial of myself.

Thanks for stopping by
Lis :)

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  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love these! The girls are my favorite!