Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thrifty Finds

One of my favourite things to do is wander around thrift stores looking at all the weird and wonderful (and sometimes icky) things that people dont want anymore.
Usually the times I go without anything specific in mind to look for is the time when I find the best treasures.
 My recent trip saw me come home with a few items that were just sitting there screaming "you  need me" 
A sweet Bless our home frame that is perfect for our entryway (and is already hanging up with photos in it) and these retro film strip frames, there was a few of them and I almost brought the lot with the thought of giving them away, but the postage costs deterred me. Im am not sure what I will be doing with them yet, but I had to have them.


How adoreable is this cushion, so bright and fun, and already looking so pretty sitting on the sofa in my studio (waiting to be washed).

 The cutest vintage sewwing basket I just loved, it was in pretty good condition too.

 Sweet taupe handbag just perfect for quick trips to the shops and thrifting, with a strap long enough to go over my shoulder leaving my hands free to pick through things!

Very happy with my finds this last couple of weeks, I think it helped that it was the first time I had gone to any of my local stores since I got back from Tassie. So there were lots of new things to see and find!

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Lis :)

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