Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chance of a lifetime

 Ever since I met my hubby all those many years ago he has shown an interest in 1st aid and helping people. He was a member of St John Australia when we met and continued to work with them for many years after that. After we moved to Queensland and got involved with the local football club he partook in a Sports Medicine Trainers course, he then spent most weekends a year helping out the various teams with first aid and sports injuries etc. Always wanting to better himself he upgraded his qualifications and became a SMA level 2.

He became a member of Sports Medicine Australia and picked up a few extra events to attend and use the knowledge he had learnt. With all of our boys involved in AFL he decided to email all the clubs that travel to Brisbane/Gold Coast to play and offer his services. He was stoked to get some positive replies and be able to work with such an elite level of sport.

 Over the next few years he worked with St Kilda, Melbourne, Richmond and North Melbourne as well as continuing to work with the club our boys played at (now senior level). This year he sent of his normal round of emails and much to the delight of Josh (Huge Hawthorn fan) he was asked to work with Hawthorn last weekend when they flew to the Gold Coast to take on the Suns and the Lions in the NAB Cup.

A great honor as I mention before to work with an elite team, he not only gets to help out in the rooms with massages and taping but is on the ground during the game as well.
 I think I saw the biggests smiles though come from Josh who through Johns asking was allowed to get into the Hawthorn rooms and meet the players and get some autographs.
He also got to meet (and get a photo) with his favourite currrent player, Buddy Franklin. He came home a very happy boy late Saturday night!

The boys have been very lucky with their dads involvement with the AFL teams and got to meet alot of players as well as get into rooms and listen to coaches chats and nutristionists etc not something that everyone gets to do.

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