Wednesday, October 03, 2012

September Sort it - COMPLETED

Back at the end of August the lovely Tamar set herself and anyone who wanted to join in a challenge to spend the month of September sorting out the things in our lives/homes we had been putting of doing for ages.
Playing along with the challenge got me well and truly into clean/purge/sort mode. While completing the things from the list I made back at the beginning of the month I found many other things that needed some sorting out as well. Some of those things I got done during September and some are on another list to be done during October or at least before christmas.

So my list now looks like this....

File personal papers complete
rearrange linen closet - complete
bathroom cupboard - complete
add images to flickr stream - complete
rename and add pinterest boards - complete
clean out computer bookmarks - complete
sort out filing drawers - complete
organise and copy photo files - complete
start christmas planner - complete
tidy up blog reader feeds - complete
crochet more squares of Dans blanket - complete (10 squares done) 
fix curtains in office - complete
get all 2009 and 2010 photos printed - complete
clean out makeup bag - complete
sort and chuck boys shoes - complete
put layouts away - complete
organise handbags - complete
have garage sale
organise fabric - complete
wash all lace curtains - complete
get Dans formal suit - complete
clean washing machine - complete
fix plastic bag holder - complete
laundry cupboard - complete
 sort boys socks - complete
donate unused frames - complete
sort school papers - complete
find home for wrapping paper. - complete

Before the big clean up....


The only thing that I didnt get complete was the garage sale. We had all good intentions of having one, our weekends just didnt allow us to do this during September, but we have got one planned very soon.

Thank you Tamar for setting us this challenge, you got me motivated to start getting my home looking the way it should.
Want to see how everyone else did ? Check out the list on Tamar's blog.

Thanks for stopping by
Lis :)


  1. Well done Lis! Mine is half finished but Im getting there (albeit slowly!)

  2. Wow! Good for you! I just knew you were going to do it!!!!!! Yeah!