Monday, October 01, 2012


Distance running is Dan's specialty, 1500m being his favourite. Five years  of comming in the top 2 at school athletics and making it through to District competition. The next step had always aluded him, he so badly wanted to make it to the Regional competition. This year was his last chance (being that he graduates in a couple of months) and he trained and made sure he was as prepared as he could be.
All the work paid off, he came 2nd at District level and was heading to Regionals for the first time.

The school have a policy of only transporting students to events if there are over a certain number attending. So Dan and I headed of to the coast and after getting a little lost with a wrong turn, finally made it to Southport athletics centre. I dropped Dan at the ground and went to find somewhere to park - no easy task when you are right beside the university andgold coast hospital. I found a park and after a big walk made it back in plenty of time for his race.

There was a squad of 16 boys from districts all over the south coast, they lined up all eager to start the 3 1/2 lap race. Dan was doing really well in the first couple of laps, up in the lead group. He ended up finishing in 9th spot and even though he was disappointed in his time, I was so proud of him.

He has one more sporting related achievement he so badly wants to achieve before he graduates and thats the Senior sports allrounder ( Josh won the award in his final year). He thinks that he has done enough throught the year to have a good chance. Will be keeping fingers crossed for him!

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  1. Wowzers Dan!!!!! So glad he made it! 9th is still something to be proud of! Yeah!